Saturday, March 27, 2010

time flies when....

oh goodness! i hadn't realized that i haven't updated in a week!

i have this stat counter thingy that tells me how many of you lovelys are checking in and i use it as a guide to help me know when to post.

traffic has been down lately, though everyone i run in to me stay motivated to post by telling your friends about the site and thus keeping my numbers up.

it makes me feel good about myself, too ;)

now, on to an actual post for y'alls:

today at work one of my co-workers had a pen explode ALL FUCKING OVER his shirt. we all thought for sure it was ruined 'til i remembered something that i learned from a bar regular just yesterday.

funny how the universe works, isn't it?

she swears by spraying the ink stain with hairspray before laundering. and not just spraying--like, fully all out saturating.

hope it works, caleb!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

gettin' fig-gy with it

i love fruit for dessert,
though for some reason i have never been much of a fan of fruit served in any way other than in it's purest form.

jellies, jams, fruit pies: none of them do it for me....
and yet, i know that the sweetness of fruit holds a special place in the dessert section of any fabulous menu.

this sweet, simple recipe fulfills my desire to enjoy fruit in a dessert setting, while still maintaining the integrity of fruit the way good ol' mamma nature intended.

figs with ricotta, honey and walnuts
5 servings

15 fresh figs, trimmed
1/2 c whole-milk ricotta cheese
(splurge on the good stuff: it's worth it)
1/3 c honey
1/3 c chopped walnuts

cut each fig into 4 wedges, cutting to, but not through, the base of fig.
spread wedges slightly apart; place 3 figs on each 0f 5 dessert plates.
spoon about 1 1/2 tsp cheese into each fig,
and spoon about 1 tbsp honey evenly around each serving of figs.

sprinkle each serving of figs with about 1 tbsp walnuts.


Monday, March 15, 2010

let's get crackin', yo

yes, i know it's not even st. patty's day yet, but i'm a sucker for outside influence and thus, have already begun to think about the impending easter season.

easter is one of my favorite holidays (trailing only the fourth of july and xmas) mostly because i love easter candy more than pizza/sushi/and baby lions combined. (just to clarify: i don't eat baby lions...i just love them a lot. no crazy 'you shouldn't be eating baby lion' comments, 'k?)

peeps, cadbury creme eggs (nevermind i haven't been able to actually finish one in years), brach's malts and jelly beans.

damn....i've bout given myself a glorious sugar high already!

and though it may seem a sacrilege that the things i mainly cherish about a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of a savior, i have found some beneficial things to love about the spring festivus, as well.

you know those little plastic eggs that have started popping up in just about every store imaginable? well, guess what? those suckers can come in mad handy.

i like to use them to carry around little odds and ends that always get lost in the bottom of my purse or the creases of my make-up bag.
i.e. bobby pins, small change, mints, etc.

if you have little ones at home, the colorful eggs work well as snack containers for small goldfish shaped crackers and tiny chocolate bits emblazoned with random letters.

best part?

they're reusable and thus
earth friendly
....and hey, who doesn't like that?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

totally my bag, baby...

while some ideas for plastic baggies may seem more obvious than others (see above photo), the possibilities for uses are nearly endless.

just remember to clean out any residual (ahem) herbs before using your baggies for alternative projects such as these:

obviously, sealing bags work well as organizational tools (smaller ones to keep cosmetics together in your purse/larger ones to store pens and pencils in your junk drawer/etc).
trust me, it's WAY easier to find a giant plastic bag in your purse than your little itsy-bitsy lip gloss.

but i also like to use plastic baggies in the kitchen to help me pipe simple frosting (like for cupcakes) and fill pasta tubes.

it's super easy, and makes clean up a snap!

just fill the baggie with whatever medium you are working with, seal and snip a small hole in one corner of the bag. if the hole is not large enough, slowly make it bigger until desired size is achieved.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

here i am!

isn't it great how the phrase 'a couple' is so ambiguous?

'oh, i only had a couple of drinks after work'
'i've only had a couple of sexual partners'
'i've done drugs a couple of times, before'
'it's gonna take me a couple of days to pay you back'

and, 'i gonna post something in a couple of hours'

well, 48+ hours later, and here i am, bitches!

now, to get some shit accomplished right quick.

in the spirit of spring cleaning and all that jazz, i want to post about something that some of you, (ahem, YOU) may overlook during these springtime cleaning festival season.

clean up after your pet!
and not just when they leave a big steaming pile of shit somewhere.

a great way to remove pet hair from furniture, pet beds, toys, etc etc is to brush it off using a standard nail brush. way easy. way fast.

just because an item belongs to an animal does not give said-item the right to be a disgusting fucking mess. clean that shit!

show your love to your special little guy or lady and keep their environment as clean as is reasonably possible.

they are at your mercy, you know.