Saturday, March 6, 2010

here i am!

isn't it great how the phrase 'a couple' is so ambiguous?

'oh, i only had a couple of drinks after work'
'i've only had a couple of sexual partners'
'i've done drugs a couple of times, before'
'it's gonna take me a couple of days to pay you back'

and, 'i gonna post something in a couple of hours'

well, 48+ hours later, and here i am, bitches!

now, to get some shit accomplished right quick.

in the spirit of spring cleaning and all that jazz, i want to post about something that some of you, (ahem, YOU) may overlook during these springtime cleaning festival season.

clean up after your pet!
and not just when they leave a big steaming pile of shit somewhere.

a great way to remove pet hair from furniture, pet beds, toys, etc etc is to brush it off using a standard nail brush. way easy. way fast.

just because an item belongs to an animal does not give said-item the right to be a disgusting fucking mess. clean that shit!

show your love to your special little guy or lady and keep their environment as clean as is reasonably possible.

they are at your mercy, you know.


  1. Dressing animals up in clothes should totally be done way more often.

    Just not my dog... cause that would be cruel.

  2. Ha. I love how "HERE I AM" is still so fun to say! Somethings never get old...