Saturday, March 27, 2010

time flies when....

oh goodness! i hadn't realized that i haven't updated in a week!

i have this stat counter thingy that tells me how many of you lovelys are checking in and i use it as a guide to help me know when to post.

traffic has been down lately, though everyone i run in to me stay motivated to post by telling your friends about the site and thus keeping my numbers up.

it makes me feel good about myself, too ;)

now, on to an actual post for y'alls:

today at work one of my co-workers had a pen explode ALL FUCKING OVER his shirt. we all thought for sure it was ruined 'til i remembered something that i learned from a bar regular just yesterday.

funny how the universe works, isn't it?

she swears by spraying the ink stain with hairspray before laundering. and not just spraying--like, fully all out saturating.

hope it works, caleb!

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