Tuesday, January 5, 2010

baby, it's cold outside....

i have to admit, even though i know the holidays are over and i am thankful that i survived them with only a stint on crutches, i think i might maybe kinda miss all the hub-bub a teeny bit.

something about seeing our tree on the curb this evening coming home from work got to me. it's sad.


so while i huddle inside this evening because (i know, people have been saying 'it's cold this' and 'it's cold that' all day) it's freaking cold out there, i wil be sipping away on one of the greatest holiday drinks known to mankind, waxing poetic about how great the holidays are. in hindsight.

tom and jerry
makes a butt-load of servings
18 egg yolks (i guess whites can also be used instead, but i've never tried it)
2 lb powdered sugar
3 drops oil of cinnamon
3 drops oil of clove

whip well

one heaping spoonful of batter
2 oz blended whiskey
add hot milk (or water)
sprinkle with nutmeg

delicious! (and faux-pressive, too!)

besides, if my leg is still recovering from my spill (and subsequent crutches) and i'm not allowed to go to the gym, i might as well have a cocktail. (gee, that decision seemed easy!)

besides, it's like, really, really freakin' cold out there.

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  1. I want one! I think you should make them again tomorrow and give me a call. They sound faux-pressively delicious!