Thursday, January 21, 2010

i can see clearly now...

unfortunately the rain isn't gone today, but i can still see clearly thanks to my brand-spankin-new glasses (which i lurve, by the way).

to celebrate the wonderment that is clear vision, i've got a super tip to keep your mirrors and windows free of those pesky streak marks:

this tip is an oldy but a goody as far as i'm concerned because i've known it, like, forever and a day, but i'm still amazed at how many people i encounter that have never heard of this trick (come to think of it, i'm also amazed how many people i have the occasion to speak to about streak-free windows).

instead of using paper towels to clean your windows and mirrors, try using newspaper. i don't know why this works, but i swear it does.

maybe it has to do with the ink on the pages. maybe it has to do with the type of paper, itself. who knows and, frankly, who really cares.
bottom line is, i can't remember the last time i used anything but newspaper to clean my mirrors and i've been loving what i see looking back at me ever since.

p.s. anyone in the central illinois area that's looking for an awesome selection of eye glasses with service to match, check out julen's opticians in the round barn shopping center, champaign. they're the best and i am soooo happy i followed up the recommendation given to me to go there.

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