Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow day!

happy snow day everybody! in honor of the white stuff (no, not that white stuff), i've compiled some fun winter craft/activities to do with the kids. if you don't have any kids, these activities can still be super fun to do, but i would recommend either a couple hot toddies or whatever other substance floats your boat to really give it that WOW factor.

snow paint!
this craft is easy and fun and can be as classy or creative as you like.
all you need are spray water bottles (one for each desired color) and food coloring. mix the food coloring with water, shake well and voila! you've got snow paint.
try decorating shrubs or bushes and making pretty flowers near your entryways.

marshmallow-toasting snowmen!
i saw a picture of these snowmen a couple years back and thought they were so cute! i've finally figured out how to make them easily.
begin by constructing two classic snowmen, facing each other, with approx five feet between them. use sticks for arms and attach marshmallows on the ends of the 'fingers'.
construct a fake firepit between the two snowmen by placing logs or other sticks in a circle. build up an igloo-column of smaller snowballs in the middle of the circle, leaving spaces between each snowball that light can pass through.
in the evening, place either pillar candles or battery powered flicker lights inside the 'igloo' and prepare for your neighbors to be both envious and amazed.
faux-pressive, no?

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  1. If your tree is still on the curb, you should have your snowmen roasting marshmallows over a tree bonfire.