Tuesday, January 5, 2010

from the cradle to the grave

if your special guy is having a difficult time keeping your freshly-scrubbed toilet clean, try this trick:

float a couple of froot loops or any other round cereal in the bowl of the toilet (i like froot loops because the bright colors attract my guy's attention).

direct the male to attempt to 'shoot' the cereal with his stream. he will have fun practicing his accuracy, and your toilet bowl and bathroom floor will remain clean.

this tip works equally as well for drunk husbands as it does for six year old boys.

1 comment:

  1. They've actually used this idea in urinals in bars and airports, with a fly etched into the ceramic. Men automatically want something to aim for and the fly is placed in the "sweet spot" of the urinal that eliminates the most splashing.


    We learned it in Human Factors class. Yes, that is what I am learning in class. Making the world a better place, one urinal at a time...