Thursday, January 28, 2010

litter liner laundry

all of this cold cold weather lately has been making me wish i was somewhere warmer. somewhere tropical. somewhere requiring at least a four hour plane ride to reach.

i love traveling, though i often hate all that goes along with it.

one of the biggest pain-in-the-butt issues that comes up on my trips is 'what to do with the dirty laundry?'.
both my husband and i are extreme over-packers and frequently change our clothing three or four times a day while on vacation (you HAVE to change that often if you want to wear everything you brought, after all). this leaves us with quite a bit of dirty laundry that needs to be hauled back home.

you don't want to just throw the dirty clothes in with the clean ones, and you don't want to have to purchase an extra suitcase to lug all that stinky crap home in, so what's a world-traveler to do?

my trick (which i came across entirely by accident): jumbo scented litter box liners!

the jumbo sized liners are large enough to hold several days worth of laundry and the fresh scent masks any lingering funk.

i keep a large box on hand (okay, originally i bought the wrong size for my kitty's box) and throw a couple of the liners into the suitcase before we leave.
when we get back home, all the laundry is sorted and ready for the wash!

now, i just need to find somewhere to go......

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