Sunday, January 17, 2010

honor thy matron, oh wait....that's not exactly what she asked me

i am very much pro-marriage/anti-wedding (it's kind of like being pro-choice/anti-abortion).

that said, i'm about to get my crazy on for the next seven months or so, as i have been asked to be matron of honor for my best-friend's wedding ceremony.

i admit, i'm excited and honored, but also scared to all-holy-hell about what this might all entail (hey, i've seen an episode or two of bridezillas). this is why i chose to elope: i don't like messing with more bullshit than i have to--come to think of it, maybe i'm not the best choice for this job.

but, like any other job that i have been offered in my life where i knew i was vastly unqualified, i am going to blindly accept and hope i don't fuck everything up (don't worry, falon, i probably won't ruin the most important day or your and aaron's shared life--probably).

in honor of falon's upcoming big day (and her friend shalimar's, too, who actually bought her wedding dress yesterday) i'm gonna start what will most likely become the first of many wedding idea posts.

i can't believe i'm doing this.

first of all, who says the dress has to be white? I think cream, soft silvers and pale pinks and yellows all look really unique and sophisticated. my own 'wedding dress' was a white sundress with embroidered green vines crawling up from the bottom. it's white, but it's not.

splashes of color add pop and help show the bride's personality. plus, really, how many of us are how-do-you-say 'morally pure' on our wedding day anymore?

(except for shalimar, who is a wonderfully sweet girl who i am sure has every right to wear the sparkling white dress that she cannot return because she has already paid for it.)

okay, that's enough for now (i know, low tolerance for wedding ideas, huh?) but i can guarantee that there will be plenty more of this craziness to come in the months ahead.

heaven help me.

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