Monday, February 1, 2010

sew what?

we've all been there: the dreaded 'wardrobe malfunction'. luckily for most of us, the severity of our malfunctions are minor compared to some of the disasters suffered by celebrities and then posted for the whole world to see on gossip blogs (which i love, btw).

still, no one wants to be stranded in public with a missing shirt button or snapped bra strap. that's why every woman (and the few smart men out there) should carry an emergency sewing kit with them at all times.

all you need is a match box, a couple of needles, a small amount of thread, maybe an old cast-off button, and several safety pins.

the design of the match box keeps all of your supplies together and orderly in a compact enough size to slip into any purse, clutch or euro-man bag.

bonus tip!!: when re-attaching a button to a garment, slip a toothpick or safety pin between the button and cloth before sewing--this will prevent you from sewing the button too tightly to the garment, making it difficult to fasten.

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