Friday, February 5, 2010

omg! those superbowl decs are, like, so incredibly the ultimate cuteness!

ok, how great is this idea?

for your superbowl party, you don't really want to go too crazy with the decorations, it's supposed to be a casual day and you don't want to give the hubby any ideas (like, 'hey, that giant poster of john madden looks pretty good there in the entryway'----true story: i once had a 'fathead' plastered to my formal dining room wall for an entire week before i 'accidentally' tore it. if you don't know what a 'fathead' is: google it.)

so, anyway, you want something cute and festive, but not so over-the-top that it looks like you forgot that this is, essentially, a celebration of manliness.


this football field tablecloth is the perfect blend of omg!supercute! and heythat'sprettyneatforpartydecorationsiguess. a little something for everybody, no?

here's how we're gonna do it:
you need to get yo'self:
1 green tablecloth (i like those heavy ones that are wipeable on one side and that weird fabric to keep it from sliding on the other)

2 small plastic goalposts

several rolls of white medical adhesive tape

a ruler


maybe a hotglue gun

now here's what to do wit it:

lay tablecloth out on your snack table. find center of cloth with ruler (this is the 50yd line). determine length from 50 yd line to edge of table and divide by 7 (these are your yardage markers.
make a line with the medical tape at every 1/7 increment, until you get to the final two (the last section is double in size and represents your endzone).
repeat on opposite side of tablecloth.

if you are good enough, make yardage numbers (50, 40, 30 etc) using the tape. if you suck at this (like i do) hotglue number stickers along the corresponding lines.

finally, hotglue or duct tape the goal posts at the back of either endzone.

you is done!

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