Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you got no taste...

last night i made a casserole that, well, sucked big freakin' time.

i am at my best when i am reading a recipe in front of my face, with actual measurements and ingredients and stuff.

my husband, a chef, likes to just kind of throw a whole bunch of seemingly normal stuff together, season it lightly and bask in the glory of the food he has created.

so, when he told me to: combine pasta, veggies, chicken, and cheese and make it a casserole, i was kind of at a loss as to what to do.

the end result was edible (i knew enough, at least, to pre-cook the pasta) though hardly flavorful.

i thought it was a total bust, but my hubby told me how to fix it. and it was super-easy!

okay, put entire casserole in a large stainless steel bowl. chop up chicken if still in larger pieces. add soy sauce and lemon pepper to taste.
return to casserole pan, re-cover with cheese, and bake at 250 until warm.

way, totally better!!


  1. and that is why husbands who cook are effing legends!

  2. I'm a recipe person too. I think we have mom to thank for that :P

    And I thought you could make a casserole without precooking the pasta? Thats how all my boxed casserole meals are, lol!!