Tuesday, February 2, 2010

told ya it would work...bitches!

okay, i am absolutley gloating over this one!

last week in the midst of a hissy fit (i couldn't get my produce drawer in the fridge to open, if you must know) i slammed my refrigerator door into one of my kitchen chairs, leaving an 8-in scratch on my fairly freshly painted wall.


i was so pissed, not only because of the scratch, but doubly so because my propensity to be a big freakin' baby caused said scratch.

everyone i spoke with told me that i was relegated to filling the scratch with plaster, sanding the son-of-a-bitch down, and repainting the entire wall.
uh, no thanks.

instead, i threw all of the experts advice out the window and did what i had planned to do all along. cheat.

i was lucky enough to still have some of the beautiful red-orange paint in the garage, so all i did was crack that baby open, stir it with a wooden skewer, dip a q-tip into the paint can and retrace the scratch.

all the know-it-alls told me that there would be an obvious line where i had gone over the paint. those bastards were WRONG!
the wall looks flawless and my husband was at a loss when i asked him to tell me where i had repaired it.


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  1. Your sister sent me... she thinks we'll be lifelong friends.

    Judging by your eloquent use of foul language, your anger problems and quick fix short cut solutions... I'd say she's spot on the money!