Wednesday, February 24, 2010

berry tasty, indeed

okay, so keeping in the theme of non-sequitors from last post, how's fruit dip for a topic out of fucking nowhere.

true, it's late february and, i could be wrong on this (i'm often wrong about stupid things that nobody cares about. i'm always right on really important smart people stuff), but i don't think many berries and such are currently in season.

that said, i totally went to town on a pint of strawberries tonight, which therefore, makes this post relevant.


one day i caught my polish mother-in-law mixing sour cream and powdered sugar. at first, i was appalled, but then i started to think about all of the other 'weird polish food things' that she does, and how they're almost always delicious, so i tried the weird sour-cream/sugar concoction.

no joke, is so freakin' good! (i imagine this in a brooklyn-style fake accent)

it is so easy: just add ingredients to taste and drizzle over sliced fruit (my faves are strawberries, blueberries and apples).

you is done.

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