Saturday, February 13, 2010

ahhh, that's better!

so, it took me three days, but i've finally gotten myself out of my funk (i could've posted during that time, but trust me: i'm plenty good at spreading hate and misery in real-life, no need to infect the blogosphere).

i must admit, the beautiful flowers my beautiful husband surprised me with yesterday didn't hurt my return to the land of joyful people. the only problem? the vase i wanted to put them in is rather bulbous in nature, which means i have to pump that sucker full of water in order to reach the flower stems.

what now? how do i fix it? what little gem of wisdom do i hold onto for just such an occasion?

clear plastic straws, bitches!

just clip the straws to the desired length, slip them over the stems, and voila! this tip is also great because it helps keep the flowers, ahem, erect and at the most aesthetically pleasing height.

get your clear plastic straws ladies (no, we're not having an all-night party) 'cause if you followed my advice from a month ago, you should be expecting yourself some flowers 'shortly'.

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  1. Love the little pic of the chipmunk. TOOOOO Freakin CUTE! :)

    And glad you don't want to kill anyone anymore.