Wednesday, February 17, 2010

faking it

damn, i'm giving away all my good secrets!!

this one is too easy, practical and, errruhhhh, satisfying to keep to myself, though.
i am so generous (smiley).

quick-clean between serious cleaning sessions by trying some (or all) of these tipperoos. (even if you do ALL of these tips, total cleaning time, is like 10 minutes, i swear--if you don't drag your ass)

**in the bathroom, take the dirty hand towel and wet a small section with water. wipe down sink, edges of bathtub, toilet tops, yada yada whatever's dirty. use dry section of towel to once-over all areas cleaned, picking up any residual gunk.

**wash all dishes in kitchen. clear counter and tabletops of as much clutter as possible. either put stuff where it obviously belongs, or shove it in the junk-drawer (we all have one) and go find it later. quickly wipe down all grungy surfaces.

**in rooms where pile-up is bound to happen (the family room, for examp) stack like-objects together and place out of the way.

**clear jackets and shoes out of entry-way (when someone walks in, the entry is the first thing they see to represent your home).

**light a scented candle.

'cause, hey--if you're gonna be caught on the couch with a glass of wine when your signif other gets home from work, it's kind of nice to atleast be sitting in a clean house.

ya know?

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