Saturday, February 27, 2010

fancy-schmancy chicken soup from a can!

sometimes in the middle of a saturday afternoon, i just want something hot and light to get me through 'til my late-night post-boozin' pizza binge. does that really make me so different from you?

i didn't think so.

anyway, most chicken soup from a can (or any soup in a can, for that matter) is usually pretty blaaaaand.

here is how to fix it into something enjoyable to eat!

prepare the damn soup however the can tells you (it's usually really complicated, like 'heat & eat').
top it off with a generous amount of cholula hot sauce, and the juice of half a lime.

technically, you're done,

but if you're feeling extra-super fancy on this particular saturday,
go ahead and dollup a little bit of sour cream on top and crumble some tortilla chips for even more added salt and calories.

what the hell, it's saturday!

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