Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ohhhh, bother

that's how i feel today.

quite honestly, i think i would be perfectly content with leaving my blog post at that, but then i would undoubtedly feel guilty about it later which would kind of defeat the whole purpose of not posting shit cuz i don't fucking feel like it (thanks, catholicism for teaching me that if it feels right, it can't possibly be--i love you for that).

okay, so i've now done my fair share of bitching, on to somethings that may or may not be quasi-useful to you:

when i get into a mood like the one i'm in, little things start to bug me that i am generally unphased by.
case in point--the slamming of cabinet doors.
i don't know why this sound makes me want to take a nail-gun to somebody's thigh, but it does, okay?
i know, i know, it's not really the problem of the person slamming the god-forsaken cabinet door as it is a faulty design within the cabinet, itself, but try telling my violent urges that.

solution to this problem that won't find me divorced and/or in jail and/or in the looney tunes discount bin?

thinly slice a wine cork (use a very sharp knife, but be careful!!) and super glue it to the inside corner of the door.

no more SLAM! SLAM! and thus, no more urge to seriously hurt my husband (at least over this minor issue).


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  1. And the best bit is... you need to drink the wine in order to get the cork. Sounds like you could use a glass or two yourself!